Full UK Driving Licence

If you have been trying to get a full UK driving licence or a UK provisional licence online, you are in the right place. As a resident of the UK, obtaining a driving licence is a good way to open up your opportunities. However, the process of acquiring your driving licence can be complicated and stressful as there are many steps to complete, documents to provide to prove your identity and residency etc. The good news is that using an online service like IdentityZoo can help simplify the process for you, making sure everything is in order for you to get your licence and start driving within no time.

If you’re someone with a busy schedule, then you’re at the right place to get your full UK driving licence with just a few clicks. The licence we provide is registered with the DVLA. We will do all the hard work for you and provide you with either a full driving licence or a provisional licence depending on your demand. The recent format of a full UK driving licence and a UK provisional licence are both shown below to make a difference.

full uk driving licence

Full UK driving licence

Applying for the full UK driving licence is an important milestone, allowing the freedom of the open road. We can reduce the stress of obtaining your licence by handling the application process for you.
UK provisional licence

UK provisional licence

As a learner, you need a provisional licence to drive legally in the UK. If you're looking to apply for your provisional licence also known as the L licence, we can get it done for you quickly within a few days and expedite it.

Why You Need a Full UK Driving Licence

To drive legally in the UK, you need to have either a full driving licence or a provisional driving licence. A short difference between a full driving licence and a provisional licence (learner’s permit) is that a provisional licence only allows you to drive under supervision by an instructor or any experienced driver who is a holder of a full driving licence for at least 3 years and over 21 years old. On the other hand, a full driving licence already indicates you have the required skills and knowledge to drive on your own without any supervision. You can drive vehicles in your licence category without any major restrictions, giving you the freedom to travel anywhere you want at any time.

Generally, getting a full UK driving licence is very important as it expands your employment opportunities. Nowadays, many jobs require the ability to drive, and having a good licence demonstrates you have the key skill. While getting the licence is relatively important, you also need to study and prepare for the driving exam. Preparing for your diving exam is usually frustrating after studying and failing your test and you have to start all over again.

You may already know how to drive well but still fail the theory test or another thing stopping you from getting your licence issued. In that case, we are here to solve problems like this. We will handle all the difficult parts for you only if you provide us with the information we need and pay our service fee to do the job. You will get real-time support from start to finish from real people working in the background to get your licence ASAP.

How we can help you!

To obtain your full UK driving licence without undue hassle, consider contacting us to make things easier for you.

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