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If you have plans to legally stay in a new country for a long time, you will obviously need to apply for permanent residence. The process of obtaining a permanent residence isn’t always easy and requires a lot of money and time to get done. Identityzoo will breakdown the process for you and help you with the entire process from start to finish. We offer the easiest way to apply for residence permits or green card online in the comfort of your home in over 30 countries. Nowadays, dealing with in-person application queues or struggling with complicated government websites to apply for your permanent residence is one of the most difficult things to go through, especially if you’re a busy person or don’t know how to go about it. Identityzoo offers services for expat destinations like Canada, USA, Australia, UK, EU countries, etc.

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Why You Need a Permanent Residence

You need to apply for a permanent residence in order to reside legally in another country. This establishes your right to live in that country for a lengthy period, with all the benefits that come with it. However, in some situations, you might need to have a residence permit issued (which is a temporary permit) for some time before being eligible for permanent residence.

Benefits of a Residence Permit
  • Live and Work Legally: A permanent residence gives you legal authorization to stay and work in the country. Most employees would like to hire someone with a residence permit or work permit. So having a permanent residence is important, as it opens up your opportunities in life.
  • Access to Healthcare and Other Services
    Having a permanent residence gives you access to public services like universal healthcare coverage, public schooling for children, ability to open a local bank account and other personal documents like driver’s license, etc. These are the benefits provided to a resident of that country.
  • Leads to Citizenship
    A residence permit is often the first step to establishing your permanent residency or citizenship in your new country. If you have a permanent residence permit, you are moving towards your citizenship path because, after staying in that country for some years (depending on the country in question), you will be eligible to apply for naturalization and become a citizen of that country.
  • Travel flexibility
    As a permanent resident, you will be able to travel to your home country at any time and come back without the need to apply for a visa. However, a permanent resident comes with rules the holder has to follow. One of which is not to stay longer than expected outside the country of residence. For instance, a green card holder cannot stay outside the USA longer than one year or more than the validity period of a re-entry permit. If this happens, you will need to apply for a new visa and resume permanent residence.

Difficulties to Apply for a Permanent Residence

Applying for a permanent residence in a foreign country can be a hard rock to break. The requirements and documents needed vary significantly between countries and regions. Gathering all the supporting documents and ensuring every line is filled out properly can be very challenging. Furthermore, if you are doing so in a language you may not fully understand, it can be difficult. We aim to simplify this complicated process by providing assistance in obtaining your permanent residence in over 30 countries. For the countries that we support, we stay updated with the laws and latest requirements for the PR application. We will first of all determine which is right for you and handle the entire process for you.

Our expertise and experience in navigating various country’s immigration systems will help save you substantial time, frustration, and the risk of your application getting denied. Therefore, to apply for a permanent residence or green card, we offer you an ideal solution to get the highest chance of success with your application process.