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Changing your identity is a whole-lifelong project that must be taken very seriously. It will have to do with your welfare, so think before making that decision. Maybe you have googled “where to buy a new identity online“ or how to change my identity. In any case, hang on because we are going to cover this topic in depth, providing you with the pros and cons and basically how we can help you change your identity completely without any setbacks.

There are several reasons why someone would need to change their identity. This process can be done legally or illegally. Furthermore, it’s equally important to know that to go through the legal route, you need to present vital reasons, abiding by the law, why your identity has to be changed.  If not, then you should be looking at doing it illegally. In fact, 90% of people tend to do it illegally for personal reasons that do not meet the law.

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Things to consider

To change your identity legally, there are some key points you need to know before going in for it.

  • Choose a name to use: First, you have to choose a name to use that will make it easy for you to introduce yourself to people. You want to choose a generic name that will be easy to use and quickly adapt.
  • Fill out the petition. Laws and regulations vary by state. Most states will require you to file a petition listing the reasons why you want to change your identity. You will have to appear in the courthouse to get the vital application forms filled out properly and explain in detail why you need to change your identity before submitting them to the judge.
  • Go for a name change hearing. You will need to appear before the judge to get a legal order to proceed with your name change if your request is granted. However, your request can still be denied if you’re not able to convince the judge. If this happens, you will get a denial certificate and try again.
  • Change the name on your documents: Once you get approved, the next thing is for you to change the name on all your documents, including changing your Social Security number, etc.

These are just a few points you need to know when trying to change your identity legally. It’s a really stressful and time-consuming process that you can still be denied.

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How we can help

We are here to provide solutions for anyone looking to buy new identity documents online. Changing your identity legally nowadays is not as easy as before. Therefore, we have emerged over the years, investing our time and money to be able to provide concrete and permanent solutions to the quest to acquire a new identity online. If you want to start a new life and become someone else, Identityzoo is here to provide you with the best solution. We can help make you disappear from the radar of police and law enforcement, clear your criminal records, including your digital footprints, etc.

Key Facts

It’s advisable to note some important facts about getting a new identity illegally. If you want to buy a new identity online, then I believe you already know what you want. You should already know that going through the legal process is nearly impossible for some people, as they won’t have enough proof to justify their request. In this case, you are looking to hire a reliable vendor to get the job done for you. Well, the good news is that you’re already in the right place.

All you need to do is fill out the contact form below and send your request, and we will follow up with you from start to finish.

  • Getting your new identity illegally doesn’t mean you will get into trouble using it.
  • If you get a new identity with fake documents, you will be in serious trouble.
  • It is very safe and faster to get your new identity from us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my new identity be linked to the old one?

The purpose of changing your identity is to become a completely new person and not want to have anything to do with the old one. We understand that, and as default, we know our responsibilities, one of which is making sure your new identity doesn’t have any tracebacks to the old one. However, some people would just like to have a double identity for personal reasons, but whatever the case, there won’t be any clash with both identities.

What about my fingerprints and biometric data?

For all digital footprints, it’s included in our responsibilities to take down your biometric information from all public records.

Why should I choose you

We have the resources and connections, and we spend millions of dollars every year to get the authorization we need to run this process.

Our process is also safe, and you will get legit new documents to come with your new identity.

What are the supporting documents that will come with my identity?
  • Driver’s License
  • SSN/card (US only)
  • Birth Certificate

If you are wondering where you can buy a new identity online, trust for this process.