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If you’re here and probably looking for where to buy a drivers license online, you are at the right place. We provide a registered drivers license, an international driver license, and a novelty drivers license for personal use as well. A drivers license can be obtained legally from DMV if you’re in the United States. DVLA for the UK drivers license, and from the Ministry of Transport in the case of other countries. However, not all licenses you see online are real ones. You will also find fake drivers licenses that are often used for personal purposes. We are going to sort out the differences between a real license and a fake or novelty drivers license.

buy drivers license online

Real or Registered Drivers License

Looking for a license that will enable you to drive legally without getting into trouble? You are looking for a registered license. This license is registered in the system of the Department of Motor Vehicles and will carry your driving records. In the US, a drivers license is issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). You must pass driving lessons before you qualify for your drivers license. However, a fake license cannot be used to drive legally because it’s not registered with the DMV.

It is important to know that if you’ve never driven before, most states in the US would require you to have a learners permit first before applying for the full drivers license. The process becomes even more complicated if you’re an immigrant and you don’t have your international drivers license to use. This is one of the many reasons why someone would want to buy a real drivers license online.

Also, understand that there are many vendors online selling registered drivers licenses. If you’re already here for the same purpose, we can provide you with a registered drivers license that you will use to drive legally without any issue. 

Buy Fake or Novelty Drivers License online

We also provide fake drivers licenses for people who need them. Buying a fake drivers license online doesn’t necessarily mean it is illegal. Novelty drivers license could be used for so many purposes. For example, a fake drivers license could be used for acting in movies or for other authorized legal purposes. One prominent reason why people buy a fake drivers license online is for clubbing and gambling. So therefore, we can help you get a good-looking fake drivers license that looks exactly like the real one, for whatever purpose it is for you. 

Despite producing the best replicas, we do not support using a fake drivers license to drive legally. It is totally against the law. Using your fake ID for any illegal purpose is a serious offense that can lead to a jail term. Read more here.

International Drivers License

An international drivers license is an important piece of documentation to carry along when traveling abroad, either for vacation purposes or to stay abroad. We can help you get your international drivers license without any complications. All you’ll need to do is provide us with the necessary information and make the payment to get your license processed and shipped. To buy an international drivers license online is another thing to pay close attention to. Getting an international drivers license from us is a good solution for your next trip abroad.

international drivers license

Why use our service

We run a brokerage service that shortens the processing time of getting a new drivers license. Our licenses are registered and are from legal sources. We have legal authorizations to back up our services. 

The process to buy a drivers license online is simple and convenient through this website at the comfort of your home. All you need to do is to provide us with the information that we need to run the process with and state whether you need a regular license or a commercial one. Our online service will make the process very simple for you that you don’t have to visit your local DMV office and wait on the line, and dealing with excessive paperwork. 

The guaranteed authenticity of our licenses gives you the confidence that your license would be accepted anywhere a license is required. Furthermore, if you’re someone with a very tight schedule, and you’re looking to buy an authentic drivers license online, identityzoo is the best place to make this happen. Our simplified process will put you back on the road with your valid license bypassing all the usual hassle for getting a new license. Just fill the contact form below to start the process.

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